About Us

Born in early 2018, Misty and Molly started as a cat-themed jewelry store where we curate the latest, most fashionable, and cutest cat jewelry for fellow cat lovers. Realizing how our customers enjoy our products because they can show off their identity as cat lovers, we decided to expand our brand and add themed-collections to our store where we offer unique and inspiring jewelry that does not only make one look elegant and stylish but will also reflect the hobbies, passion, personality and interest of the person wearing them.

Our themed collections continue to grow as our business grows. In fact, we travel all around the world to curate the best and most exciting jewelry that one cannot simply find in retail stores. Currently, we sent over 2000 packages all around the world with positive reviews from our happy customers.

We continue to offer you the best and we strive to meet your overall satisfaction.

Feel free to send us an e-mail on support@mistyandmolly.com and we will gladly assist you!

We appreciate your love and support!