Shipping rates & delivery estimates

How much should I pay for shipping? How long will it be delivered?

Please note that we have different warehouses for our items. This means that your package may come from USA, China, Singapore, and Australia and you may receive different packaging for each item you order. The point of origin of your order will also depend on which warehouse the item you order is most available.

Our shipping usually takes 2-4 weeks upon order placement depending on your country. Our processing time is at most 5 days.

Do you ship during weekends and holidays? What are the chances that my order will be delayed?

Please note that we do not ship on weekends and holidays so make sure to place your order beforehand so we can deliver it to you on time!

During peak seasons, we might experience a high volume of orders and delivery time may be delayed for 3-7 days. If there is any significant delay in delivery, we will be sending you an email to notify you.

Order Cancellation

We advise that you do not place an order if you are unsure or if you do not want to order. Usually, we process orders right away upon order placement and we send out tracking information within 5 business days. If you decide to cancel, please note that you can only cancel your order within 20 minutes after purchase if we have not started processing it yet. We will then process your refund right away. If you requested a cancellation after 20 minutes from order placement and or if we already started processing your order, we can no longer issue you a refund.

Order NOT received

Tracking shows "Delivered" but I still haven't received my order. Why is that?

In cases like this, you may have to contact your local post office as you may have to pick up your package from your post office. Otherwise, please check the address that you provided as you may have submitted a wrong address.

I accidentally submitted an incorrect address. What should I do?

If you submit a wrong address in your order, please contact us immediately so we can update your information. If we have already shipped out your order to the incorrect address that you provided, we will not be liable for the non-receipt of your package and no refund will be given. Please bear in mind that you must always check and review your shipping information before placing an order to prevent delivery error from happening.

I was not in my shipping address during delivery. How can I receive my order?

When there is a failed delivery to your address, please contact your local post office immediately as they may try to deliver the package to you again. If not, you may have to pick it up from their office.

If the package was sent back to us because there was no one to receive your order in the address that you provided or because your shipping address is incorrect, you will have to pay a shipping fee so we can resend your order.

In cases like this, no refund will be given. Note that you should check your tracking info from time to time or contact us for tracking update to prevent delivery failure.


For international orders, if your tracking says that your order has been delivered and you haven't received it yet, please contact customs. You may have to pick-up your package at the customs office.

Please also note that our store's currency is in US Dollars and your bank may charge you a foreign transaction fee upon placing your order.

When receiving orders, there is a chance that you may have to pay customs fees when you receive your order. This entirely depends on your country's rules and regulations on international packages and this is beyond our control.


If you have other concerns, please fill-out our contact form and we'll get back to you within 24 hours!