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Starry Night Earrings - Misty and Molly
Starry Night Earrings - Misty and Molly
Starry Night Earrings - Misty and Molly


Starry Night Earrings

Creatively made out of 925 Sterling silver, the combined artistry of midnight blue enamel, gold plated cloisonne, and oil dripped embossing design, this pair of earrings is brought to you as a premium miniature version of Van Gogh’s timeless Starry Night painting.

Painted in the mental hospital during a depressing period of his life, the painting could have been a sad artwork. And yet, we see hope and dream, shining from the golden stars above.

  • Blue midnight sky is the sadness we must go through every time we fail
  • Cypress tree is an evergreen plant, a reminder to always stay pure with our intentions
  • Golden stars and moon are the new hope for our failed dreams to eventually prosper
  • Pine trees touching the bright moon and stars means that dreams can be realized and to remain steadfast and unafraid when in our failures we become lonely and getting back up again can be a hard time

Wear this piece of jewelry to remind you of the beauty of the hardships we take as we work to realize our dreams. After all, as they say it: "There is always hope even in the darkest of times." So trust your dreams and trust the process! Let this stunning jewelry make a statement.

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    As expected

    Some problems with the delivery but not the company problem. It arrived as expected but smaller as the image on the website


    Love them! Very good quality!


    She loved it! Thank You Very Much


    Very nice. Fast shipped.


    Top quality. Received quicker than expected.

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